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Normally, tethering is as simple as turning your camera on, tether it to your, compute and clicking on Camera Tool Tab. Once you do this and open the camera tool, you should see the camera appear.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 7.03.12 PM

If you are using a Sony, the USB setting needs to be switched to PC Remote for things to work. Go to the toolbox, then menu 4 and select USB Connection. IMG_2985

Once selected, you need to activate PC Remote, the last option on the bottom.


Alas if this does not fix things or your using a different camera, then heres a list of trouble shooting options:

• Make sure the camera your using is supported via the Phase One website.

• Make sure you are Capture One is activated as Pro (or Sony if using a Sony).

• Use the port closest to the power supply.

• Swap out tethering cable.

• Use a powered hub. (Laptops and iMacs often don’t have enough power for stable connection.)

• Disable other camera in Preferences, and restart Capture One. Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 7.00.16 PM



Written by Tim Kerr