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Capture One 10 was released a week or so ago. It should be faster and more stable for most users, but you should know it does not work with Yosemite.

Although I haven’t had lots of time to play around with it, here are a few new features to note.


Phase One has introduced what they call “3 step sharpening.”

1) Input Sharpening  – Under the Lens Correction tool you will note a checkbox called “Diffraction Correction.” This corrects sharpness issues with the lens. (Off by default.)

2) Creative Sharpening – Under the Sharpening Tool a new 4th slider has been added called “Halo Suppression.” This slider will help correct the “halo” the appears when sharpening has been applied. You can now also apply all 4 sharpening sliders (Amount, Radius, Threshold, and Halo) in layers.

3) Output Sharpening – This allows for tweaking sharpening for final output (screen / print). A new slider has been added to the print option when you can dial in the distance the image will be viewed from.


Proofing can now be turned on via the new glasses icon in the toolbar or under the “View” menu.  When its on a “Proofing” label will appear at the top-center of the Viewer. The settings in the current Process Recipe will be displayed.

Tangent Panel Support

OK this one is out of my wheel-house and don’t know anyone here in Portland, Oregon that will find benefit from it. Capture One 10 will now lets you integrate “Tangent” devices.  I’ve never used or seen a Tangent device, but heres a image of one.


New Filtering

You can now filter images by square, landscape, or portrait orientation formats.


A new “Camera Focus” tool has appeared. This new tool now has a AF button that will snap the camera into focus. You can then adjust as you like. Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Phase cameras should all work.

Etc., Etc., Etc.

There are a number of other smaller and technical things that I’m still learning. One cool feature is that you can now move and rename folders under the catalogs “folder” area and the changes will be made on your disk.

Download or Not?

If we have worked together, here in Portland, I would say hold off for now. Keep your workflow solid, I’ll talk you when the time is right. If you don’t have Capture One then go for it.  Capture One is fabulous, its the only thing I use or recommend for capture. Use my code on the right side bar for 10% off. Click on it and it should take you the the Phase one store.

Written by Tim Kerr